пръскане против хлебарки

Fly bites are not pleasant for most people. These pests hovering over food or drinks in your house or outside are not friendly. On the other side, there are thousands of flies on this planet. Among fly species, some can bite, while others are only bothersome. Further, flies are linked to spreading typhoid fever, dysentery, diarrhea, and food poisoning.

House flies, tiny house flies, blowflies, flesh or latrine flies, fruit flies, and stable flies are commonly found in and around homes. A variety of house fly species are also found in certain parts of the world. Stable flies can’t bite like other nuisance species of flies.

It is possible to kill flies using various methods; however, killing мухи is not the same as getting rid of flies.

Flies are annoying

пръскане против хлебарки

The method of controlling these pests can differ depending on the year. The fly removal techniques in the summer are not always effective in the cold months. Aside from that, people have different opinions about getting rid of flies.

Get rid of the source.

A fruit fly infestation may be one of the most frustrating fly problems. The flies multiply quickly, and sometimes they seem impossible to get rid of. Because of this, these flies can reproduce at multiple locations inside your home once they get inside. In addition to rotting fruit or garbage cans, dirty recycling bins and sinks that are poorly emptied, they are also commonly found on or near ripe or rotting fruit.

A structure infested with fruit flies must clear all possible breeding sites. It will not matter how often insecticides control the adults if the breeding sites are not eliminated or cleaned. A clear plastic food storage bag can tap over the opening of an inaccessible breeding site overnight to inspect the site. These areas are likely to be breeding grounds for мухи, so they’ll emerge and be captured inside the bag. If there are still adult flies in the area after eliminating the source of attraction and breeding, then an aerosol insecticide based on pyrethrum will be effective in killing them.

Before relying on pesticides or insecticides for fly control, try prevention techniques and reducing breeding grounds. But if these methods don’t work – don’t let your temper flare. For help choosing the proper fly removal solution for you and your home, contact a pest management professional.