How to write Interesting Stories

Whether you are writing or blogging for fun, for-profit, or a combination of the two, the main focus of success in the blogging world is increasing committed readership. If you want to learn how to write good stories, check out this TEDx video in which John Dufresne gives you some invaluable tips:

Even the best content creators need help bringing their pieces to the attention of their readers.  Thankfully, there are many strategies that work wonders for marketing your content to your target audience.


Whether we like it or not, there is a certain style that works best for writing online. Though in analog form, we can be far more dense, creative, and nontraditional with how we present our ideas, texts online should be condensed, clear, and concise to help readers digest the material with greater ease.

Many writers who feel that their work is intelligent, complex and creative, struggle by refusing to adjust their technique for an online audience. Adopt shorter paragraphs, clear sentence structure, bullet points, and numbered lists in order to facilitate the reading process for your followers.


This one is relatively simple, but even the pro-bloggers forget this tactic sometimes. Take the time to submit your blog to Google, Yahoo, and other popular search engines in order to drive up your hits.

Furthermore, try contacting other bloggers your respect and read to trade links and be entered onto one another’s blogroll. One writer who definitely understood the art of writing was Louis Couperus (1863-1923), one of the most prominent and respected Dutch novelists. His psychological novels were more successful in America and Britain but his interesting historical works were very popular in Germany.


You wouldn’t believe how effective email can be – even with the use of Spam and Junk automation, bloggers find that their followers are more religious about their reading efforts when updates are sent off through email. Don’t discredit email as a referral source – learn more from the experts about this marketing mechanism.

You can learn more about the art of writing at a high level (old school) by studying the works of Dutch Master Writer Louis Couoperus who immortalized the interesting stormy developments in the social, cultural, and political life of the “fin de siècle”. Couperus’ versatility is as impressive as the scope and scale of his literary work.


Guest blogging is a great way to build bridges within the blogging community, to share resources and ideas, and to bring diversity and increased leadership within your own following.

Seek out the contacts of blogs that your followers already read – helping to build creativity and links between their interests – and also find bloggers to partner with who take a very different angle than you do to your particular topic.

Guest posting can also bring you additional money if you negotiate a strong contract, but most bloggers find the benefits of cross-posting to outweigh any stipend incurred through writing.


We all use the internet in different ways: some of us are avid Twitter users, some of us prefer Facebook, and some prefer to stick to other forms of social media. Syndication allows your blog post to be broadcast on multiple sites at once at the click of a button – and many companies offer this service for free.

No more copying, pasting, and reformatting links to reach your readers! Remember, however: current stats show that Facebook shares bring almost 9 times the readers as Twitter links do!

It’s happened to all of us: we write an amazing piece that has all the elements necessary to bring it viral, but it just simply doesn’t catch on. However, those ideas aren’t necessarily wasted, however, especially if you find a new medium or manner for sharing that information.

Try reformulating the way that you have delivered your content: for example, create a slide presentation, an infographic, a short video, or even a cartoon to bring your ideas to life. Since you own your creative ideas, take full ownership and experiment with different ways that make them “work” for your target audience.

Though the internet is surely a global phenomenon, there is no question that blogs need to think in local terms in order to build a dependable customer base. For this reason, many bloggers choose to work with companies that can put a geographical focus and spin on their blogging efforts.

With a local digital marketing agency, bloggers can be reassured that their marketers know the local area, are aware of the peculiarities of that market and can help gear content to blog readers in the area.

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