While hair straighteners are never ‘healthy’ for your hair, there are techniques to reduce the damage. Straighteners and curlers may be incredibly powerful style tools, but use them with caution! They may sear your hair, draining it of its natural moisture content and making it brittle and prone to breaking if you are not careful. Know some hair straightener brands

Protective styling aids should be used

Straighteners work so successfully because they are so damaging: their strong heat momentarily resets the form of your hair. Apply a heat-activated protective style product to the mid-length and ends of your hair to reduce heat damage. Please keep in mind, that no style product can totally prevent your hair from heat damage.

Restore elasticity

At least once a week, use a pre-shampoo moisturizing conditioner like our Elasticizer. This will assist to rehydrate your hair while also restoring strength and stretchability, reducing breakage.

Use only in moderation

If you have coarse, curly, or frizzy hair, using straighteners to tame it on a regular basis might be quite appealing. However, be aware that the breaking caused by this might actually make your hair seem frizzier, as different lengths of hair snap off and stand out. Use hair straightener brands just once or twice a week, and avoid leaving the iron on your hair for too long.

Take care

Pulling too hard when straightening or curling your hair might exacerbate damage. Replace your heated ironing board. Water and product residue can accumulate on hot irons, causing them to adhere to your hair and inflict significant damage. Replace your hot irons as they get sticky and uneven to avoid this risk.