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Environmental cleaning and sanitation are not the same thing. As a rule, when an environment has to be sanitized or sanitized , whether it is an office, a restaurant, a gym, a school or the home, it must first be cleaned and then sanitized, so that the cleaning is complete hard floor cleaning services in Hampton Roads, VA.

We could say that:

cleaning is for removing dirt

sanitation is used to kill bacteria, and at a deeper level it becomes disinfection (elimination of germs and fungi)

Although there are several products on the market that can cleanse (i.e. remove dirt) and sanitize at the same time, it is good to understand the difference in order to choose the procedures and products that are best suited to the context you want to sanitize .

Which places need sanitation?

All those places and surfaces for which it is necessary to eliminate the possibility of transmission of large bacterial loads need to be sanitized. Therefore, potentially, every common place needs to be sanitized to prevent it from becoming the crossroads of viruses, bacteria and germs. However, the frequency of this operation can change significantly depending on the circumstances.

Among the important places to be sanitized there are all those commonly used structures such as:



gyms and swimming pools

public transport

hospitals and clinics

catering and food services


elevators and common areas in condominiums

The advantages in the various sectors are evident: reducing the circulation of bacteria in the community, protecting the health of students and workers, guaranteeing safe catering services for its customers, providing a healthy and pleasant training space to attend.

Why it is important to sanitize

“Prevention is better than cure”, a proverb never too quoted and always current. Sanitizing environments and surfaces with specific sanitizing products makes it possible to make common areas safe, eliminating exposure to pathogens of all kinds.  Furthermore, the sanitation of private services improves not only the conditions of the workers but also the perception on the part of the user .

In short, taking care of hygiene is necessary for the health of the community but also has a positive impact on your business in economic terms: healthy and satisfied customers, workers less absent due to illness, users of gyms and swimming pools present regularly and therefore, they too, led to a positive approach towards the structure.