Post Construction Cleaning

The best way to find a construction cleaning company is to talk with a few of them and then choose the one you like or have a good reputation for. If you have friends in the business, ask them for a list of some companies they know.

Then it would help if you found out about some of their services. Ask the cleaning company to list the types of work they do and what their services are like. Here’s a list of some common ones:

Waterproofing: They seal cracks and holes in walls, floors, and ceilings with materials that can stand up to rain, snow, or flooding water. They also protect your property from leaks by filling cracks that might lead to more severe damage.

Restoration: They repair or replace parts of your building that are damaged, including doors, windows, walls, and roofs. Restoration is often done as soon as a problem occurs so that it doesn’t get worse and costs more.

Carpentry: They build things like scaffolding and stairs if you need them. And they can tear down old buildings, too. They also fix things like signs and fencing that are on your site.

Demolition: They remove buildings, fixtures, and other damaged or old things.

Change order: If your construction project is running behind schedule, you may need to change the plans to finish on time. Change orders are like construction blueprints for these kinds of changes. If a contractor changes a few things while working on your building, they’ll usually do the change order at no extra charge. But there will be a fee if you make significant changes to your plans.

You can change many things about your building—the number of floors, the layout of offices, or where items are positioned. If you make changes and the project is delayed, you need to pay for it.

Nearly every construction clean up services in Hamilton, ON company will provide waterproofing, restoration, and carpentry services. And most will do demolition, as well. The last two services—change order and carpentry—are more specialized. You can probably find a construction clean-up company that does them. But to find one that also does change order, restoration, and carpentry, you’ll need to look in local yellow pages or put out an advertisement.