The 11 plus papers team is a certified examination body in the UK.  The body is involved in putting together great examinations in the UK for elementary schools. The team is made up of teachers with many years of experience. They bring their experience to bear on the education needs of pupils in the UK.  The education platform is focused on creating mock tests to enable students to prepare for 11 plus exams. The team is focused on independent and state-owned schools to help prepare students who want to gain grammar schools entrance.  The 11 plus exam papers have gained a lot of popularity over the years and have become a notable examination body.

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A team of experts

The 11 plus team is a team of experts. They know how to help each student better prepare for grammar school entry examinations via a mock test designed to help them better understand how to tackle the examinations.  The beauty of it is that the team members involved in the 11 plus exam papers fully understand the entry requirements, and they put this understanding together to formulate the various mock tests.  They also use their knowledge about the curriculum span and subject to be tested to prepare a perfect mock test for pupils. Also, the examination body has expertise in both face-to-face education and online education.

Assurance of quality

The type of experts you can find at the 11 Plus team gives assurance of quality.  The body is known for creating an online vocabulary module that has won awards. The body also created online comprehensions. Thanks to the mock tests offered here, the student will adequately prepare for independent school and grammar school examinations. If you want your kids to prepare better for the exams, then you need to connect with this body today. All you need to do is to purchase one of the exam materials available here to enable you to prepare for the entry exams properly.

Some of the exams covered by 11 Plus are:

  • GL Exam
  • CEM Exam
  • Topic Exam
  • Section Exam
  • Independent Schools Exam
  • Vocabulary Online
  • Comprehension Online

The focus of the exams offered here is on children within the age range of 9 to 12. And they also offer feedback to help the student in his preparation.  The examination body has assisted so many students and your wards can also benefit from the services offered here at any time.