The MacBook laptop can be more dependable compared to other models. Mostly when you’re dealing with problems on your laptop which are practically normal. There are some solutions that can help you solve the problem and have the proper maintenance. When things go wrong and when you do basic troubleshooting on your laptop. You can bring them to a repair shop so they can fix them right away to save you more time.

It has a slow speed

There are times that the laptop is really slow and it is hard to know which was the problem. It slows down to load your laptop after it has a restart or your application is not loading at all. You can check your SSD hard drive and check if your space is nearly full. And you can free up your drive space. You can remove those caches, plugins, and extensions as they are junk data. Aside from files, you need to delete applications that you are no longer using. After deleting, check your downloads file to see files that are not important anymore.

There is also another reason, like outdated operating systems. When you haven’t updated your old version into a new one then that is maybe the reason why your laptop is acting slow. Double-check the updates and see whether you have installed the latest version of it.

It has a poor battery lifespan

When you’re experiencing a poor battery lifespan. It is because of applications that are running in your background and visual effects.

To check your background apps go to Activity Monitor. This tool helps you to know which processes have the most memory, energy, and GPU. You need to control and make some changes to improve your battery life. There are also applications that run in your background without you noticing it. It is because through the startup item list you failed to close it after opening your laptop.

The visual effects on your computer need to be disabled like the backlit keyboards. When you want to enhance the battery lifespan of your laptop and the performance. You better disable the visual effects.

You experience a flickering screen

When your laptop is experiencing a flickering screen. The reason is the operating system and graphics processing unit are not compatible.

To solve this problem you need to install the latest macOS updates. But there are times that your update is causing the screen to flicker. You need to change it back to an older version of macOS. If this problem is still occurring even though you already changed the OS version. You better take it to a macbook screen repair.

The memory leaks

It will happen when the software of the laptop is starting to share the computer memory which should not be. It is not a big problem. But when you keep on using your computer for quite a long time. And if you’re not restarting it then you might be experiencing performance issues.

Solving the issue about the leaking is easy. You need to restart your laptop. Better do it often so the laptop can restart and rest for a couple of hours. When you’re doing this regularly it can enhance the performance of your laptop.