In the present pandemic scenario, all the theatres, movie complexes, cinemas are closed. OTT platforms have taken responsibility for entertaining us with various emotions such as making us laugh, cry, love, motivate, joy, sorrow, etc. For a few years, we have been witnessing massive growth in the Telugu Film industry. We have seen the production of creative and fresh stories-based blockbuster movies. For watching blockbuster and superhit Telugu movies,that too at your own comfort, Aha is an incredible OTT platform. It has the most trending and superhit Telugu movies where we can watch almost every Telugu film. Aha also provides mind-blowing web series and originals. We can watch online, or we can download movies online to watch later without any complications. So, if you want to watch creative blockbuster movies and web series, we have reviews of some trending movies on the Aha OTT platform.

Zombie Reddy

As the name suggests, the movie is based on zombies and people transforming into zombies. The film is full of comedy and action scenes that will entertain you a lot. A game developer Mario (TejjaSajja), has some issues with the gaming software. For solving his problem, he can only think of one person in the entire world who is his friend (RJ Hemant).

His friend lives in a small town in Kurnool. Mario, with his few friends, heads on a journey to meet his friend. While traveling to Kurnool, one of the friends (Kiereeti) gets infected by a virus. This leads to the spread of infection in the entire village. The whole village starts transforming into zombies. Now how does our hero (Mario) overcome these deadly situations?


GaaliSampath is a comedy drama-based movie where a mute father wants to show his acting skills. While doing that, he raises troubles for his hard-working son. His son has a dream of purchasing a truck.

The father-son duo has misunderstandings and gets separated. Will they reunite again, and if yes, then how? To know the other half of the story, watch the movie on Aha OTT.

Super over 

Super over is a crime thriller and a suspense movie in which the main character Kasi needs tons of money in less time because of his family loan and saving them from money lenders. So he tries multiple jobs but doesn’t get success. He finally shifts to crime and thinks of making money through cricket betting. Things start going well as he was earning a good amount of money but then again situation changes like a Rubix cube background. The stories of multiple characters are shown in the movie. Now, will our hero Kasi pay his family loan without getting harmed, to know that visit Aha OTT and watch the film.

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