In January 2020, the Telugu film industry was high, with several movies doing good business. As such, several actors and filmmakers were eyeing booming business with pan India releases. However, the Covid-19 crisis and the subsequent lockdown spilt water on their plans. Whether domestic or abroad, all film schedules were cancelled because of theatres shutting down and the lack of audiences and deferred several movie releases. In the next 2-3 months, it became clear that the industry was going to face the most challenging time in its history. And it wasn’t just the Telugu film industry that was reeling under the crisis; the Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada film industries, too, we’re facing the heat. The livelihoods of many people were at stake, and the industry soon started getting restless. Everyone realized that the road to recovery would be long, arduous, and uncertain. However, the emergence of powerful OTT platforms like aha provided the industry with a new breath of life.

As the extent of the pandemic differed across states, some state governments allowed the gradual resumption of film and TV shoots. The Telugu film industry was among the first to resume shooting for film, web series, and TV serials. The industry made extensive use of masks, social distancing measures, sanitizers, and even Covid-19 tests to ensure all the necessary protocols and guidelines followed. However, it has not been an easy journey back to recovery. It has become nearly impossible to shoot on a massive scale with a large crew. Several films, which were supposed to be shot abroad, had to do with locations within the country. Many others were postponed because of the visa and entry restrictions across several countries worldwide. Fortunately, some sense of normalcy seems to be returning.

Today’s review section features the ‘No.1 Yaari’ streaming on Aha. Let us look at how it fares.

No.1 Yaari is an Indian television talk show. It is sponsored by Mcdowell’s No.1. The celebrity chat show, hosted by Rana Daggubati, invites several celebrities to come forward and share their life’s journey and experiences. The format involves asking celebrities questions revolving around the bond between them and their connections, personal life, family, industry gossip, and work. The show features candid conversations and interactive rapid-fire rounds.

The highlight of the show is undoubtedly Rana Daggubati, the young, energetic, and talented host. He keeps the conversation light-hearted and interactive. His charming persona and incredible chemistry with actors and actresses are a treat to watch.

Both the content and format of the show are lively and engaging. The presence of several celebrities provides audiences with a chance to catch a glimpse of their favourite stars from the comfort of their homes. It is this powerful combination of a lovable host and likeable content that makes Yaari. No.1 the most-watched Telugu chat show.

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