We all remember that when we were children we used to go with our parents to a shop, restaurant or a friend’s place and they would always explain to us how to behave on the way. We are at the risk of looking like these kinds of patents because we are here to give a little advice on San Francisco strip club behaviour.

Don’t Take A Lot Of Pictures!

When you are in a discotheque that is dark, if a flash goes right into your face every few minutes, it can be really annoying. It’s perfectly ok to take one or two pictures but there will also be people who take pictures every few minutes. This is not the most appropriate behavior. They must stop because their facebook profiles are flooded with nonsensical pictures like these. just put the camera aside, relax and have some fun.

Step Away And Stand Away From The Bar Place

Nobody cares how you look when you are holding a drink at the counter. Once you get yourself a drink, you must move away from the bar area. There are other people standing in the queue waiting so that they get wasted. so being a gentleman doesn’t hurt.

You Are What You Wear

Another important rule about going to the nightclub is that you must be dressed properly because you will be judged for what you are wearing. especially when you are in the nightclub you are not allowed to wear chappals or shorts. When you are in a nightclub, you must follow these rules very religiously. On the other hand you must also avoid wearing sneakers and jeans for anything that looks too casual. You can wear them to a lounge or a pub but not one at a nightclub. In the strict club environment it is considered poor dress sense. Wear a shirt that looks classy and dress shoes instead of sneakers. Everybody likes to have a great night at the club in the way you want to. By following these rules you can be rest assured that you will have a great time and add value to the atmosphere of the night club.