In this modern world, an era of increased shrinking fees and competition. Financial advisors must-have digital tools to survive. By data-driven insights and leveraging technology, advisors can maintain profitable growth. Yet, achieving this vision may need a digital transformation. And the industry has been adapting slowly. A user-friendly tool, data strategy, early wins, and key stakeholders’ commitment.  These are the main ingredients for success.

Wealth advisors are using digital technology to enhance advisor-client interaction. Clients expect regular updates, a nimble investor portal, meaningful interaction with their advisors. Access to strong educational resources and a transparent relationship with the firm. Advisors expect to be available via digitally empowered platforms. Users of accessible websites and mobile apps and client dashboards. That encourages self-reporting.

A ready-to-go white label robo advisor by reliable and trusted by the world’s best. This is known as the Bambu Go.

What is Bambu Go? 

            Bambu Go is one of the leading industry’s Robo solutions. Offering businesses of different sizes and scopes. The chance to establish a ready-to-go digital wealth management system. With integration, or zero development.

It is the best Robo-Advisor with a complete tool kit. Their white label solutions simplify your world. While improving, flexibility,  speed, and accuracy. Bambu Go helps you and your clients with cutting-edge technology. That logically integrates your existing systems. For easier delivery of digital wealth management services.

What is Robo-advisor?

            A Robo financial advisor is an algorithm-driven digital platform. That is transforming wealth management across the globe. Qualified in automating a range of processes from account opening and administration. To goal portfolio management and planning, what is normally done manually. A Robo-advisor can be executed both alongside or in place of a human advisor.

Some of the features of Bambu Go are the following: 

  • Transactions Automated- Bambu Go comes with immediate verification. Order management, ACH payments, and rebalancing through Plaid and Apex Clearing.
  • Fast Delivery Robo- Customize your Robo-advisor app with your branding. And set up risk questions, portfolios, and products using their dashboard. Deployment takes just 2 months.
  • Hosted & Supported on AWS- Bambu Go is hosted 24/7 support on Amazon Web Services. Under your domain name with industry-leading security, and data anonymization.
  • Zero Coding Needed- Bambu Go Robo financial advisor comes with everything. You need to launch. Run a digital wealth platform, including custody with Apex Clearing and brokerage.
  • Pay-as-you-Go- Customize your Robo-advisor app. Launch your Robo-advisor app and grow your business with a limited budget. Real-time customer feedback will assist you to improve your business model.
  • Intelligent Customer Experience- they have spent years simplifying the customer experience. Like Netflix, the journey is driven by recommendations and personalized data.

Robo-advisor white label solutions are fitted for these Industries. Such as Local Banks and Local Asset Managers. Bambu is creating 21st Century Investors.  A digital wealth management solution for financial institutions was developed by Bambu. That helps their users save and invest for the future.

How it works:

 Step 1: Set up your branding and content for risk questions, products, and portfolios.

Step 2: Bambu configures the platform to run under your domain name.

Step 3: Update text. Bambu deploys your Robo-advisor app or platform for you.

Step 4: It’s ready to launch.