Did you know that you can get perfectly branded, custom printed paper cups for your restaurant or other food establishments? If not, you need to read this entire article because it contains a surprising secret that will dramatically increase your bottom-line profits.

A Step By Step Guide To Getting Custom Business Paper Cups

Step 1: Choose your cup style

There are many, many styles of cups you can use for your customers’ hot beverage needs. The most important consideration when selecting a cup style is how well it fits your business. It’s up to you! Just make sure that your cup selection fits in with the rest of your company “look.”

Step 2: Have a Logo In Mind

The next step is to have a logo or some other type of graphic material in your mind. You do this because the logo will go on the outside of the cup. Remember, you must allow for a 1/4 inch border around the outside of the cup. This will allow room for the paper label, which contains the cup’s identification information. Make sure the logo that you choose complements both the look and the feel of the cup. If you are using an opaque cup, the graphic you select should be obvious. If you are using a translucent cup, the logo should be clear and bright. If you are using a printed label, the graphic you select should complement the style of the label. Make sure that the logo you choose is simple, bold, and easy to read. Don’t make it too small, or it won’t be readable. Don’t make it so large that it becomes “crowded” and loses its impact.

Step 3: Decide On A Color Scheme For Your Cup

Now we come to one of the most important decisions of all. There are three primary colors used in the printing process. They are red, black and yellow. Any print job that doesn’t use one of these three primary colors will look “tired” and will seem less attractive to your customers. Using only these three primary colors will ensure a more “fresh” appearance that will make your customers feel more energized when they drink from your cups. Using a combination of the three primary colors will create a much more powerful “look” that will energize your customers. It’s like getting a little “jolt” of energy whenever you see one of these three primary color combinations.

Step 4: Work Closely With Our Team

Once you are happy with the results of the first three steps, you are ready for the fourth step, which is to work closely with our team to make sure your logos and color schemes complement each other. This is the most important part of the entire process. If they don’t “complete” each other, your customer won’t get the maximum “pick-up” of energy from your cup. They’ll see a color or logo combination that is dull, boring, and unappealing. And that will dramatically reduce the number of sales you will obtain. On the other hand, if your logo and color scheme complement each other, you will obtain a much higher level of “pick-up” of energy from your customer.