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An SVG, or even “Scalable Vector Graphics” is a file format intended to display graphic content, but this time in the form of XML code.As its acronym indicates, this file extension uses in particular the principle of the vector, which greatly promotes the quality and efficiency of your visual since it will be vectorized.But then, under what condition to use an SVG format? And how to use it correctly?Click here for online animation maker.


SVG is a file format which can be used as replacement of other image formats. It ensures better quality among other benefits.

Creating your SVG

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Creating a logo, illustration, or icon requires certain graphic design skills. You absolutely must create your visual using vectorization software. Many software programs work on this principle / format.

This is the case with Illustrator, this software included in the Adobe suite. It allows you to create graphics using the principle of vectors.

It is also possible to export your files in .EPS (similar to SVG because it keeps all the preferences and configurations of your vectors).Visit this site for online animation maker.

Importing your SVG to your site

Your image is now exported in SVG format, it’s time to integrate it into your website.

If you are a developer, you surely know a better text editor like- sublime text. If you don’t know sublime text, I highly recommend it. It is partly a text editor similar to notepad, or even Notepad, but much more advanced in terms of functionality, shortcuts and ergonomics.

This software is ideal for developing a web page and, you will understand, for opening your SVG file in your text editor and thus reading the XML format of the latter.

The method is simple: you must copy / paste the lines of XML codes present in this file and integrate them into your HTML file, where your image should appear!