Best reality based romantic movies for telugu people

Geethasubramanya is a telugu romantic comedy latest web series written by KrishsrinivasBathini and directed by Siva saiVardhan. This series is quite comparable to a lot of real life couples regarding their love and struggles in day to day lives. It is a new age relationship story that people like. It has some fun scenes to laugh at and some intense emotional bondages that will be really beautiful. You can add this into your best reality based romantic movies for telugu people. It is one of the latest web series in telugu.

More About Movie:

Runtime: 8 Episodes 20-22 minutes each.

Released: 8th February 2020

Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy

Distributed By: Aha

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Karthik

Actress: Nakshatra

Other Actors: Deek sunny, Sunny Viva, DarshiniShekhar, Manoj Krishna Tanneru

Director: Siva Sai Vardhan

Written: Krish Srinivas Bathini

Producer: Sai Deep, Rahul Tamada

Cinematography: Krishna Prasad

Music Director: JagadeeshSatyan


As the title says, Geetha and Subramanyam are a youthful couple who live respectively. They’re in a live-in relationship continually battling at every single little perspective in their daily life. Obviously, each has its own goals and objectives to seek after. Their experience together may look so stupid and arrogant towards one another but however, they are really associated with each another inside. Their fights and silliness towards each other even when they are in social gatherings only proves that they like each other. What happens when life gives them more choices to choose, what experiences do they intake in their life, what emotional roller coaster do they ride is what they were keen to explore.

Technical Aspects:

– Scripting and Screenplay are so fun and comforting for the viewers along with the songs and BGM.

– Direction of the series is appreciable.

– Writer has done a great job in writing the dialogues for each and every actor in the series and the actors just made it more ironic.

– Songs and BGM took a prominent role in setting up the mood of the series. They’re so beautifully synced.

Reasons to watch GeethaSubramanyam:

– It is a combination of entertainment with some comedy in couple bonding.

– Some of the dialogues in the series are not blunt but honest truths with some emotional touches.

– A fun and entertaining series to get rid of your boredom in isolated times.

Artists Performance:

– Hero Karthik’s acting is proving to be more cherishing.

– His dialogue delivery along with his matured looks doomed to be exciting.

– Nakshatra as his partner beside him just made them both look more beautiful.

– All the other cast members of this mini-series seem to have enjoyed making the story work for them.

– The comedy in the series made by other cast members just made the whole series more fun and bearing to watch.

This is one of the best series to watch along with your family and friends as the story and dialogues along with reality based characterization just makes you feel like an honest output of current generations emotions. Watch GeethaSubramanyam web series online only on Aha!